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Audio book competition

Congratulations to Tony Riches @tonyriches on winning the One Day In Oradour Remembrance Day 2014 audio book competition. Tony has won a free copy of the One Day In Oradour audio book, narrated by Jean Brassard (The Fault In Our Stars) and available through Audible.

If you would like to hear a sample of the audio book, or purchase a copy, please visit the One Day In Oradour page on the Audible website. You can also buy the audio book via Amazon.

Narrator Jean Brassard was born in Quebec City and trained with the Boston Ballet in the 1980s before moving to New York City to focus on his acting career. He has performed on stage and appeared on television and in films. He was the New York-US correspondent on Radio-Canada’s television show: La fosse aux lionnes and as well as narrating audio books, he is also the voice of many cartoon characters, perfume & cologne commercials. He appeared as Admiral d’Estaing in the HBO mini series John Adams and on television has appeared in L&O, L&O: CI, The Sopranos and Sex and the City. He co-starred in David Garrett’s Ten Stories Tall and most recently appeared in the hit movie The Fault In Our Stars.


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