Helen Watts Author

Building Blocks (Ages 2-3) LCP

2 to 3 years (24-48 months)

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Building Blocks for ages 4 to 5 years (LCP)

4 to 5 years (48-60 months) 

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Themed activities for the Early Years Foundation Stage

by Kay Clifford, Sue Waters and Helen Watts

Building Blocks series offers EYFS practitioners a valuable source of fresh, fun activities exploring inspirational, child-centred themes and covering aspects of the Early Learning Goals from the 2012 revised EYFS framework. Presented in a handy ringbinder format, the resources are easy to use, accessible and written by an experienced team of writers and EYFS practitioners.

There are two ringbinders available - 2 to 3 years (24-48 months) and 4 to 5 years (48-60 months) - and each contains modules linked to the Areas of Learning within the EYFS framework, offering activity ideas subdivided into child-oriented topics. To support practitioners with formative assessment and reporting to parents and carers, observation charts are provided, along with pupil profile sheets.

Building Blocks for Ages 2 to 3 covers the following themes:

1. Personal, social and emotional development
People who can help me
My day
Play time

2. Communication and Language
What's that sound?
My favourite things
Story time

3. Physical development
Getting dressed
Moving about
My favourite food

Building Blocks for Ages 4 to 5 covers the following themes:

1. Personal, social and emotional development
Why do we feel happy when the sun shines?
Why are people different?
What makes a good friend?
Why can’t I always win?
What do I like doing?
Who can help me?

2. Communication and Language
Are all monsters scary?
How do you make a chocolate crispy cake?
What’s inside the box?
Can I tell you about my day?
Did I surprise you?
Can I help you to tidy up?

3. Physical development
Why do I have to wash my hands before lunch?
What’s inside my body?
Am I safe to do this?
What’s in the shopping basket?
How does my body move?
What shall I write?

4. Literacy
What is that word?
What makes a good story?
What do you like to read?
Who is your favourite television character?
Can I send you a message?
What’s in the picture?

5. Mathematics
How many spots has a ladybird got?
How high is the sky?
What is the best shape?
How high can you count?
Bigger or smaller?
Is it fair?

6. Understanding of the World
Why do boats float while stones sink?
Why has the puddle gone?
What’s in this photograph?
Why don’t we see butterflies in the winter?
Are we all the same?
What is your favourite toy?

7. Expressive arts and design
What made that sound?
What makes a rainbow?
What makes you want to dance?
Is grass always green?
Can we dress up?
How do you build a house?

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The complete set of three modules for Ages 2 to 3 costs £75.
Individual modules for ages 2 to 3 cost £30. Available here
The complete set of seven modules for Ages 4 to 5 costs £199.99. 
Individual modules for ages 4 to 5 cost £35. Available here