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First World War Folk Tales by Helen Watts and Taffy Thomas (The History Press, Hardback ISBN  9780750958325) 

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Reviews of First World War Folk Tales


Facts & Fiction magazine (No 91, November 2014) 

The stories themselves are beautifully re-told and vary from the strictly factual accounts such as ‘The Hartest Florins’ and the story of Edith Cavell, through the more fanciful tales to come out of the horrors of the Battle of Verdun. And if you would know how poppies came to represent the Fallen then read ‘The Poppy Lady’.

Any collection of stories based on such an horrendous episode of our history will be, by their nature, sombre and harrowing, and to start reading at the beginning and go on to the end may be very difficult for some readers. I found it better to dip in and out of the stories, making sure that I made regular visits to the section marked ‘Humour from a Dark Place’. This not a book to be read in one sitting, but the stories will linger in the mind for a very long time.

Nick Fathers, storyteller

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