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Royal Weddings Primary Teaching Resource (LCP)

Royal Weddings
by Helen Watts

Published by LCP

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Royal Weddings Resource Pack

by Helen Watts

Royal Weddings Resource Pack is a cross-curricular resource that enables primary school teachers to bring the buzz and excitement surrounding key historical events like royal weddings into the classroom through a colourful range of resources, lesson plans and activity ideas that support work right across the curriculum – from history, literacy and ICT to maths, music, art and design and RE. Although originally published to coincide with the wedding of Prince William to Kate Middleton, the resource pack offers a whole host of activity ideas which are relevant to the primary curriculum at any time - from studies of the British monarchy in history to discussion on the significance of marriage in different religions and the role of princes and princesses, kings and queens in traditional stories in English.

The Royal Weddings Resource Pack includes lesson plans, planning charts with National Curriculum links, posters and activity sheets.

There are six units for each of the three year groups: Key Stage1 (Years 1-2), Lower Key Stage 2 (Years 3-4) and Upper Key Stage 2 (Years 5-6). Topics covered within each pack are as follows:

For Key Stage 1

1. Royal family
2. Prince William: Growing up as a boy prince
3. Princesses: Real or imaginary
4. What is a wedding?
5. Preparing for a street party
6. Wedding fashions

For Lower Key Stage 2

1. Family trees
2. Great British celebrations
3. Famous royal marriages
4. Why tie the knot?
5. The language of marriage
6. The wedding banquet

For Upper Key Stage 2

1. The British monarchy
2. William and Kate
3. Royal wedding venues
4. Counting the cost
5. Wedding traditions
6. Weddings in the news 

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The complete primary pack is available to buy, price £35, from LCP's Karascope website. Key Stage packs (six units) cost £15, and individual units cost £5 each.